Wireless PC TV

Wires and cables can be very annoying. If you want to watch television channels on your PC all you have to do is to hook up your PC to the TV. When your connection is wireless you not only get rid of the irritating cables but also you can place the TV and PC as you desire. Even in different rooms of a house. To attach a PC to TV you would require TV, TV-Out Video Card, Wireless PC to TV Converter Box, and a PC.

To connect a wireless PC to TV connection, you have to insert the video card into the video card slot on the PC. This slot is situated at the front or at the rear of a PC or on the side of a laptop. Find the VGA and audio ports on the PC. Attach the wireless converter sender unit to the VGA and audio ports on the PC via the cables provided with the wireless unit. Find the S-Video output on the TV. Attach the wireless converter receiver unit to the S-Video output port on the television with the cables provided with the wireless unit and enjoy the all new experience of a wireless PC TV.

Connecting a PC to HDTV

If you want to enjoy your wireless PC TV video games, common software applications and built-in DVD capabilities to the utmost, linking your PC to your HDTV is a brilliant idea. Their assembling may be a bit tricky. You would require S-Video, DVI, or VGA cables, VGA-to-component converter or video card, Software, and Power strip is optional.

The simplest is being with a regular S-Video cable. Then locate the output connection at the rear of the PC. Attach the S-Video cable into the output connection of the video card. Then locate the input link on the backside of your HDTV. Attach the S-Video cable into the input link. A DVI connection would give a much higher quality picture. The DVI connection is at the rear end of your PC. Link them with the proper cable. If the images are not proper then there must be a difference in resolution of the computer and the HDTV. With a VGA or DVI component you can link the HDTV to the PC. Refer to the manual for the type of adapter you would require. If you’re using DVI to HDMI, ensure that the PC and HDTV have compatible resolutions. If not, software called Powerstrip can solve the problem. If needed, buy a video card or VGA-to-component converter.

Connecting a PC to LCD TV

The true experience that a LCD screen gives is nowhere comparable to the small screen experience. With the advanced technology you can record the televisions programs and watch it in your PC. You can download latest movies or watch the DVD’s on PC but some how you miss the big-screen experience. At times, small TV doesn’t do the justice to the program. Hooking up the PC or laptop to a LCD TV is easy even if you have a basic home theater set up.