Live Streaming

With the prevalence of the Internet, live streaming has become a favorite with online viewers. Imagine feeling the pulse of that game, or the beats of that talent show, or assimilating the impact of the news — while it is all being telecast? Then, also imagine being able to share your views with people in the chat room about what you are seeing and hearing. Think, instant discussion forums, and instant connections. If TV whetted your appetite for instant gratification, live streaming just brought in a paradigm shift. Now the all-important question: So, what does it mean to live video stream? A live stream is a special type of online video that is delivered in real-time from the “talent” to any number of guests. This means, our satellite service will follow you around, that is, you can watch all your favorite shows where your TV cannot follow you, but an online connection can!

Streaming News

Live streaming is so popular, that all your favorite news is live streaming online as well. You name it, and you have it — all of the top news channels, including, CNN, CBS, FOX, MSNBC etc are streaming their news. This means, that you are getting live coverage, the news that matters to you, no matter where you are. Accessibility to news has not ever been this easy and fluid. The statistics of TV and Radio Live Streaming, particularly, point to an obviously heightened viewing experience. Consider this: almost 57 million people listen to Internet radio every week. Millions of streaming videos are watched on YouTube alone. This tells us that there is a revolution in terms of how people want to see their news now. As we all know, all big revolutions first address a need, and for this revolution, customer really is the king.

Streaming Sports

Viewing sports has never been so much fun, as until now; there really was never any access to free live streaming! Yes, you can watch the football live stream free of charge. Live Streaming Sports will offer you access to NFL, DHL, NBA, CFL, NCAA College Football, College Baseball, Tennis, Soccer, Rugby, NASCAR and WNBA, World Championships Judo, Pilot Pen Tennis etc. So you can dig in your favorite couch and enjoy your live streaming football or even some cricket live streaming as these sports progress in real time on the field.

Streaming TV Shows

Some of you might remember your early experiences of watching videos and listening to music online — they were not too much fun because of quality and time issues. But, the internet has come a long way since then, specifically with our satellite service, we can provide you with live streams that are not choppy, slow, full of pixels, or hard to understand. Now, Live Streaming TV has a completely different face altogether. Live Streaming Video will thus; easily cater to all your TV needs. You can watch all there is to watch — including LOST, HOUSE, GREY’S ANATOMY and more. In fact, the possibilities are as endless as your stamina.