Free TV Channels

The satellite dish network is a leading direct-broadcast satellite service provider in the United States. We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of packages, including a tremendous selection of free TV channels, audio programming, as well as interactive services. There are a number of satellite services you can opt for. The Satellite Dish Network, based in Meridian, Colorado, first offered its services in the year 1996 and now proudly boasts 13.58 million subscribers. Satellite Direct, based in California, has broken into the market with 18 million subscribers across the United States, the Caribbean, and even some parts of Latin America. It offers several local television stations, broadcast television networks, and subscribed TV services, satellite radio services, along with private video services.

Free Satellite TV Channels

The picture and sound quality is the biggest advantage of a Satellite Dish TV or of Satellite Direct TV over cable TV. Some of the channels are HD quality and have Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound capabilities. You can enjoy a host of free TV channels, multiple hit movie channels like HBO, Star Movies, AXN, and news channels like CNN, sports channels like ESPN, Star Sports, Showtime unlimited, and channels for kids such as Disney, etc. Other than this one can watch free TV channels adult but without any worries regarding your kids as there is parental lock facility as well. With Satellite Direct TV one can reap the fun of watching special sports packages such as NFL Sunday Ticket, NCAA Mega March Madness, and NASCAR Hot pass. An additional and popular feature both Direct and the Satellite Dish TV offer is a DVR service that allows the viewer to record their favorite programs in digital format. Now you never need to dread missing that important game or favorite show.

Free TV channels online

Not going to make it home in time? Never fear. With our satellite service you can watch free TV channels online on your computer or laptop. With more than 3000 TV stations one can even watch live free TV channels from all over the world. By just typing the name of the country whose channel you want to watch or category such as animation, fiction, romance, comedy, drama or the name of the online TV channel anyone can enjoy and pass their time with internet free TV channels. Geographical barriers are thus broken by such free TV channels. Apart from watching movies one can even read the plot synopsis, movie details, reviews, see trailers and last but not the least even can get links to watch the entire movie sitting right in your home without the hassle of buying movie tickets. By choosing either Satellite Dish Network or Satellite Direct TV one will surely enjoy guaranteed satisfaction and unlimited entertainment. Their efficient customer service representative is also available 24*7 to answer to all your queries.