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It is tough to beat TV when it comes to home entertainment. Your guide to programming, from TV listings and episode guides, to the latest TV show photos, clips, news, recaps, cast, credits can now be accessed through your remote control. The latest movie trailers, reviews, music album releases, and most importantly the Breaking News in the TV channels make the TV an integral part of our life.

Comprehensive TV listings can be accessed through the TV Guide Channel or the programming directory encoded in your satellite service box. Cable channels began cable TV listings in 1980 or 1981, depending on the edition. Channels were also different, depending on the edition. Each channel was designated by a bullet of 3 letters, for example, (ESN) represented ESPN. To save channel space, some cable channels (mainly pay channels) had an asterisk by them, which meant that it was only listed in the evening grid (and later the Pay-TV Movie Guide). Channels like (MAX) and (DIS) (Cinemax and Disney, respectively) initially started only in the grids but later expanded to the listings as well.

With each passing year, there are a number of new channels. To help viewers understand their options, the May 11-17, 1985 issue of TV Guide introduced a smaller format. The show’s length was listed after the show’s title, not in the description as it was previously. Another listings change took place in 1996; the show’s title was no longer listed in ALL CAPS but upper and lower case as well. By 2003, there was also a list of cable channels that were listed in the grids only. In early 2005 more channels were added to the prime time and late night grids. The year 2009 saw reduction in cable TV listings for shortage of space.

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In England, for example, RADIO TIMES was founded to help listeners plan their BBC radio programs in response to a newspaper boycott of radio listings. It was at that time the largest magazine circulated all over Europe. Until deregulation of television listings in 1991, the RADIO TIMES also began to carry ITV listings and Channel Four listings. Today both publications carry listings for all major terrestrial (analogue and digital), cable and satellite television channels in the United Kingdom.

TV Compass, under the license from BBC Worldwide, has launched a Radio Times application for iPhone and iPod touch. Included in it are listings for over 400 TV and radio channels including free view, satellite and cable stations. The sports TV listings provide full listings about what’s in store in the different sports channel. It provides a comprehensive guide to the various sports programs. With the sports TV listing you can keep a track of your favorite shows and never miss them by any chance.

The TV listing guide enables you to read about the latest TV show scoops, celebrity gossip and movie reviews and blog about your favorite TV shows, movies and celebrities. TV listings are quick and easy guides that helps you to keep track of your favorite shows.

TV Listings from Radio Times enables you to see the upcoming TV program details on all channels as well as our own TV Highlights and program guides. TV listings for Tonight helps you to keep track of the TV shows you hate to miss. After a full day’s work, being able to scroll through the TV listings feels like home.

The daily cable TV listings help you to catch the scheduled live sports or news program from different parts of the world. It keeps you updated with the latest news, views, and gossips from everywhere. Digital TV listings make life simpler yet exciting. So watch your favorite shows with the satellite direct TV.