Satellite Receiver

Television is the worldwide entertainment elixir of choice. People depend on it for the news, movies, TV shows and even the live match telecasts. Business organizations depend on it for advertising their products. Television technology has undergone massive changes over the last few years. It all started in the 1920’s with the cathode ray tube which laid the foundation for the first electronic TV in 1932. It was followed by the color television and the cable TV. What the users are familiar with today is high definition satellite televisions based on digital technology. This has provided users with enhanced picture and sound quality. To give you a rough estimate regarding the growing popularity of satellite television, the total number of subscribers by the end of 2008 stands at approximately 80 million.

A key factor that makes the case for satellite television is the satellite Rrceiver. Besides the normal television features the Digital Satellite Receivers provides you with additional facilities like the onscreen programming guide which contains details regarding the content and timing of various television programs and also the ability to pause live TV. For example you can stop the telecast of a live baseball match for a certain period of time and resume the coverage whenever you feel convenient. Some Home Satellite receiver also comes with the option of child locks and digital video recorders.

Satellite Receiver

A long process exists before you can enjoy the high quality picture and sound of a satellite TV. The information sent from the broadcasting station must be compressed because of bandwidth limitations. The signal must be reconstructed at the receiving end. The encoding format used by most Satellite TV Receivers is the MPEG-2 which is the acronym for Motion Pictures Expert Group.

The installation of HD Satellite receiver can sometimes be complex, depending on the model. In theses cases, it is recommended you hire an expert installer to avoid damaging your system. However for simpler systems you can do the installation all by yourself if you follow the instruction manual which comes with the system or can be obtained from the official website of your service provider. Some companies have been known to give out a Free Satellite Receiver as promotional offers with a limited trial period of 6 months or 1 year.

For those of you interested with the mechanism of functioning of satellite receivers, the receiver initially transforms the MPEG compressed signals into common place analog signals which are used in your television sets. Next the individual channels are extracted from the satellite signal by the satellite receiver and sent to the users television screen. Finally it performs the billing function for the customer automatically.

The amazing quality of picture and sound has seen more and more television viewers switching from conventional television to satellite receiver sets. There is an intense competition prevailing in the television market not only among different Satellite TV Receiver providers but also between digital cable and satellite television providers. Whether to go for the digital cable or the Dish Satellite receiver is entirely a personal choice which must be made after a considerable research regarding the pros and cons of both.